Virgin Margaritas at Chili’s


Well, summer is here, and so is the scorching heat. Try(L-R) Virgin Tropical Sunrise Margarita(₹200) and Virgin Watermelon Margarita(₹200) at @chilisindia . Tastes amazing! You will definitely go into a Virgin Margarita coma!


Cafe Delhi Heights


Hello guys! I’m going to review the famous Café Delhi Heights today 😊 Review 1 : The ambience is simply AMAZING. On-table service, the service is quick. The most impressive thing they have is the menu, it’s huge! It took me a while to order. The non-vegetarians will enjoy here more as there is a huge variety. This is the picture of complimentary snacks that they offer, the potato wedges were very tasty! So, I ended up ordering the Open Chicken Burger(₹425) and Pink Perfection (₹205) in beverages. Review up in the next post.

Deliciousness at Tikka Town


Hey guys! This weekend I went to Dlf, Mall of India. Well, I was starving and thought of exploring the food court. I settled on Tikka Town which had a descent and a typical Indian menu. Ended up ordering this tempting looking dish called Jodhpuri Parantha(₹179). Served with Dal makhani, Raita and mixed pickle. As you can see, the quantity is generous enough; I couldn’t eat all of it. The taste is amazing! The parantha is buttery and mint-y in with slices of green chillies stuffed inside; if heaven had a taste. The Dal Makhani is perfectly textured with all the right amount of masalas(spices). My suggestion is do try this. It’s splendid.

The Artful Baker


Hey guys! As I said I would share my experience of The Artful Baker, here it is 😊 So the main theme of this place is that one can read books from their collection(they have a small library). I started off with ordering a cappuccino (₹120) which was good, the aroma was breathtaking. Next thing was the combo of cold coffee and arabian sandwich, which was again amazing! The sandwich had an apt amount of filling and the cold coffee being general with a good presentation. Service & ambiance= Great. Rating ⭐️⭐️

Chai at Chaayos – 2


Review 2: The next thing is the Pakora Basket. Its their signature. The basket is a little pricey and it contains 5 different types of pakoras, 2 of each type, served with green chutney. The pakoras are wrapped up in red spice and it’s taste gives a home-feel. You should try it atleast once, it’s a different experience. Overall I would say one must visit Chaayos with their grannies or families. The only thing is that everything is home-like, not unique.
But I would say its a must try cute place with good quality food and service. Rating 

Chai at Chaayos


Hello guys! So, this weekend I went to Chaayos which is basically a tea cafe😜 I’m gonna review it in two parts.
Review 1: The interior of Chaayos is garden themed and gives a refreshing feel. The service is warm and friendly, it’ll impress you. I ordered a desi chai with adrak(ginger) and dalcheeni(cinnamon). You can add as many ingredients for no extra price! Well first I thought why order a usual tea? But lemme tell you it’s worth ordering and gives a “dhaba” feel! Its a must try. The second is Sulaimani tea– a very basic lemon tea, orange coloured and soothing but not recommended as it is not anything different.