Pizza Hut



I visited Pizza Hut last weekend. I ordered their signature pizza – The Tandoori Paneer pizza 🍕 and a glass of Watermelon Orange Delight🍉 🍊 Well, the topping include paneer(curd cheese), red paprika, onions, tomatoes and capsicums. The pizza was a decent size for two, their tandoori sauce is one of the best sauces in a pizza. I would say this pizza is a must try!
The Watermelon Orange Delight was a wonder! The right amount of sweetness, flavour and frizz. The amount was enough.
The service was a little slow but when the food is worth it, we can wait. The ambience is good.
Its a good place to hangout with family or friends in budget.
I would definitely recommend this place! Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️


The Artful Baker


Hey guys! As I said I would share my experience of The Artful Baker, here it is 😊 So the main theme of this place is that one can read books from their collection(they have a small library). I started off with ordering a cappuccino (₹120) which was good, the aroma was breathtaking. Next thing was the combo of cold coffee and arabian sandwich, which was again amazing! The sandwich had an apt amount of filling and the cold coffee being general with a good presentation. Service & ambiance= Great. Rating ⭐️⭐️

Zizo India – 2


Review 2: This is Watermelon delight which is amazing and not even too pricey, it tastes like the complete freshness of watermelons 🍉. I’m a watermelon fanatic hence I know how a watermelon mocktail should taste. A must try.
The service at Zizo was quick and appreciative as well as polite.
The pizza is called the Chick N’ Cheese pizza. It is a traditional italian pizza and I absolutely loved it! The chicken chunks were tasty and it was a thin crust pizza. A must try. Overall Zizo is a must visit! Rating ⭐️⭐️

Zizo India


Review 1: So guys I went to Zizo India and ordered a few dishes. I ordered an appetizer Cheese Garlic Bread, which was very delicious and looked even more delicious. You must try it! It was soft and crispy at the same time along with cheesy and butter-y taste. And another was Chicken kabab roll. It is served with hummus and salad. The presentation is excellent but lacks a bit of “fire” in taste. Salad dressing = good. Quantity is enough. It tastes a little tangy as well as sweet. It could have a little better. But it doesn’t disappoint you to the core. My rest of the review for Zizo is coming in the next post where I will share about the service of Zizo as well!


Hey guys! I went to Keventers recently, and ordered a thick shake – chocolate Oreo (₹200) and a classic shake- strawberry(₹150). Well, Keventers is something that cannot be rated! Its that amazing. I had a similar experience, the flavors are original, the aroma and consistency of shakes. Also, you get to take these beautiful bottles home! The taste ❤ . If you haven’t been here, immediately visit! Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️



Chai at Chaayos – 2


Review 2: The next thing is the Pakora Basket. Its their signature. The basket is a little pricey and it contains 5 different types of pakoras, 2 of each type, served with green chutney. The pakoras are wrapped up in red spice and it’s taste gives a home-feel. You should try it atleast once, it’s a different experience. Overall I would say one must visit Chaayos with their grannies or families. The only thing is that everything is home-like, not unique.
But I would say its a must try cute place with good quality food and service. Rating