Virgin Margaritas at Chili’s


Well, summer is here, and so is the scorching heat. Try(L-R) Virgin Tropical Sunrise Margarita(₹200) and Virgin Watermelon Margarita(₹200) at @chilisindia . Tastes amazing! You will definitely go into a Virgin Margarita coma!




Hey guys! This beautiful looking thing is Thali(veg) from Tikka Town again! Well, all I can say after having this is that Tikka Town is my new favorite. In this Thali we have (L-R) Dal Makhani- great taste and texture, rice, Mix Veg- the perfect combo of veggies with taste, Kadi- thr accurate amount of sour and the pakora is oh-so-delicious, Laccha Parantha- as soft as one can expect, Paneer Makhani- such greatness! And we have slices of onions as well. For dessert one gulab jamun is given which was too sweet.
As you can notice, the amount is more than enough for one person. It cost me around ₹219, exclusive of taxes . All I wanna say is try this and maybe try everything Tikka Town has to offer!


Cafe Delhi Heights. Review 2 : This is the Open Chicken Burger (₹425). The concept of this delicious looking dish is that the stuffing is on the outside, which is unusual for a burger. The size of the burger is impressive, I couldn’t eat whole of it! Its pure cheese with the aroma of seasoning hypnotizing your taste buds. Although I feel they could add some more flavour to it but nevertheless its tasty. Might lack a sort of oomph but I enjoyed it! One might find this place pricey but its totally worth it! Highly recommended.





Well, in beverages I ended up ordering Pink Perfection(₹205) which is a blend of strawberry, watermelon, orange and fresh lime squeeze. Its a very tasty beverage, a must have.






Cafe Delhi Heights


Hello guys! I’m going to review the famous Café Delhi Heights today 😊 Review 1 : The ambience is simply AMAZING. On-table service, the service is quick. The most impressive thing they have is the menu, it’s huge! It took me a while to order. The non-vegetarians will enjoy here more as there is a huge variety. This is the picture of complimentary snacks that they offer, the potato wedges were very tasty! So, I ended up ordering the Open Chicken Burger(₹425) and Pink Perfection (₹205) in beverages. Review up in the next post.

Deliciousness at Tikka Town


Hey guys! This weekend I went to Dlf, Mall of India. Well, I was starving and thought of exploring the food court. I settled on Tikka Town which had a descent and a typical Indian menu. Ended up ordering this tempting looking dish called Jodhpuri Parantha(₹179). Served with Dal makhani, Raita and mixed pickle. As you can see, the quantity is generous enough; I couldn’t eat all of it. The taste is amazing! The parantha is buttery and mint-y in with slices of green chillies stuffed inside; if heaven had a taste. The Dal Makhani is perfectly textured with all the right amount of masalas(spices). My suggestion is do try this. It’s splendid.

Molten Chocolate Cake at Chilli’s


Hey there! This is Molten Chocolate Cake (₹250) which you’ll find at Chilli’s. It’s simply amazing! A total turn on for chocolate lovers. The molten chocolate has a taste of coffee, while the cake is made up of dark chocolate. The vanilla ice cream under the crunchy chocolate shell adds a very good touch to the dessert. My suggestion is try it. This dessert will zone you out.